26 03 2009

Hey everyone its Mighty Buzz and Im quiting Club Penguin forever and now im playing Planet Cazmo. Its a fun virtual world where you chat to friends buy clothes even if nonmember and buy cars and drive them and buy pets.

~Mighty Buzz


New Site

1 03 2009

hey guys. i just quit this site so lil and i’s new site is http://cppenguinboys.wordpress.com  [; go there to get cheats and cool contests! Cya!

Rockhopper’s Here!!

27 02 2009

Hey pengs! Rockhopper’s back! 😀

Here are the things that he has brought this time:


The free item is the Treasure Map Background.

There is only 1 cheat in there and it is a Porthole. To get the Porthole, just click the X on the Wall Map, but only for members. 😦


And there is a weird Migrator glitch. Here’s a pic/vid of it:


As you can see it changes from Migrator to Migrateur. What do you think Migrateur is? I think teur sounds like tour. Idk =P

That’s all 4 naw! [;


White Puffle

26 02 2009

Sorry I haven’t uploaded about the white puffle earlier i wuz lazy xP here r some pics [;

White Puffle In Dojo


White Puffle In Mountain


White Puffle In Puffle Video


And White Puffle In Puffle Roundup (NO EDIT I SWEAR!)


Well that’s about it 4 now guys! I’ll post some more pics of the white puffle once I find it anywhere else. If you find the white puffle anywhere else, tell me plz so I can post it. [; thx!


Entry of Lebron229’s Contest

22 02 2009

Hey! I’m entering in lebron229’s contest. Here is the video:

Make sure to visit his site! It is http://lebron229.wordpress.com

And don’t forget to sub him too if you have a youtube! His youtube is http://youtube.com/user/lebron229

Thanks! Hope I Win!


I’m Back!!!

21 02 2009

Hey guys! I’m back! Did ya miss meh? xD i thot so! lol jk

Incase you guys have’nt already known, I took a break from blogging bcuz I just needed a break rofl!

Anyways, Marc’s (Kakitusss/Marciux) party just ended! I took some pics of the party! Here they r:

Kakitusss (lol soz marc I forgot to take a pic of u)


Flowers 4 Marc xD


Hearts 4 Marc


Smiles 4 Marc


Smiles 4 Marc 2 rofl!


And last but not least, Sled Racing with Marc


Btw, Deandre2b got banned 4ever and Decillionare got stolen by Zeosony! >:O Don’t go to Zeosony’s site! He’s f*cked up! He’s a peng stealer that idiot! I didn’t want Deandre2b to get banned 4ever either 😦 It sux! So my new Pengs are Boomyrang and Allen119.





You guys should’ve been there! The party was a ton of fun! Nice party Marc!! 😉 you rock!

That’s all!


Club Penguin Updates

19 01 2009

Dean here! 🙂

Cp updated some new stuff. Here they are.

They made new starting pages. Here are some pics of them.club-penguin-new-starting-page-2

Here is another one.


And here is the other one.


There is also a card telling you that you have a badge on your card that your a member.


That means that if your’e a member, there is a badge on your player card that represents that your’e a member.

This is what your player card looks like when your’e a member now.


That’s all I got for now peeps.