26 03 2009

Hey everyone its Mighty Buzz and Im quiting Club Penguin forever and now im playing Planet Cazmo. Its a fun virtual world where you chat to friends buy clothes even if nonmember and buy cars and drive them and buy pets.

~Mighty Buzz

New Site

1 03 2009

hey guys. i just quit this site so lil and i’s new site is http://cppenguinboys.wordpress.com  [; go there to get cheats and cool contests! Cya!

Rockhopper’s Here!!

27 02 2009

Hey pengs! Rockhopper’s back! 😀

Here are the things that he has brought this time:


The free item is the Treasure Map Background.

There is only 1 cheat in there and it is a Porthole. To get the Porthole, just click the X on the Wall Map, but only for members. 😦


And there is a weird Migrator glitch. Here’s a pic/vid of it:


As you can see it changes from Migrator to Migrateur. What do you think Migrateur is? I think teur sounds like tour. Idk =P

That’s all 4 naw! [;


White Puffle

26 02 2009

Sorry I haven’t uploaded about the white puffle earlier i wuz lazy xP here r some pics [;

White Puffle In Dojo


White Puffle In Mountain


White Puffle In Puffle Video


And White Puffle In Puffle Roundup (NO EDIT I SWEAR!)


Well that’s about it 4 now guys! I’ll post some more pics of the white puffle once I find it anywhere else. If you find the white puffle anywhere else, tell me plz so I can post it. [; thx!


Entry of Lebron229’s Contest

22 02 2009

Hey! I’m entering in lebron229’s contest. Here is the video:

Make sure to visit his site! It is http://lebron229.wordpress.com

And don’t forget to sub him too if you have a youtube! His youtube is http://youtube.com/user/lebron229

Thanks! Hope I Win!


I’m Back!!!

21 02 2009

Hey guys! I’m back! Did ya miss meh? xD i thot so! lol jk

Incase you guys have’nt already known, I took a break from blogging bcuz I just needed a break rofl!

Anyways, Marc’s (Kakitusss/Marciux) party just ended! I took some pics of the party! Here they r:

Kakitusss (lol soz marc I forgot to take a pic of u)


Flowers 4 Marc xD


Hearts 4 Marc


Smiles 4 Marc


Smiles 4 Marc 2 rofl!


And last but not least, Sled Racing with Marc


Btw, Deandre2b got banned 4ever and Decillionare got stolen by Zeosony! >:O Don’t go to Zeosony’s site! He’s f*cked up! He’s a peng stealer that idiot! I didn’t want Deandre2b to get banned 4ever either 😦 It sux! So my new Pengs are Boomyrang and Allen119.





You guys should’ve been there! The party was a ton of fun! Nice party Marc!! 😉 you rock!

That’s all!


Club Penguin Updates

19 01 2009

Dean here! 🙂

Cp updated some new stuff. Here they are.

They made new starting pages. Here are some pics of them.club-penguin-new-starting-page-2

Here is another one.


And here is the other one.


There is also a card telling you that you have a badge on your card that your a member.


That means that if your’e a member, there is a badge on your player card that represents that your’e a member.

This is what your player card looks like when your’e a member now.


That’s all I got for now peeps.


Member Party, New Pin And Meeting Cadence!

15 01 2009

Hey guys!

Dean here! And today, the new member party came out woo!

If you have’nt already seen the party, here are some pics for you, but first, lets start off with the new pin!

The new pin is a taco xD and it is in the Snow Forts by the clock!


Ok, now here are some pics of the member party!


This is the Night Club!


This is a boombox! It is a free item of the Member Party!


Here is the dance you make with the only the boombox! Cool huh? It is break-dancing 🙂


This is a welcome sign in the Night Club! It shows your name and other penguin’s names! Very awesome and cool!


Here is the Dance Lounge! Really exotic!


They also built a rooftop! =] It is the awesomest!


They made a new game! It is called Dance Contest! It is fun! You can challenge other penguins in multiplayer or just play by yourself! It is kind of like DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) if you have ever played it.


DDR is a game like this except DDR is a video game. You have to press the arrow buttons at the right time to get a good score! You just use the arrow keys on your keyboard!

And last but not least, I met Candence! If you don’t know who Candence is, she is a robot on Club Penguin, just like Gary and Rockhopper. She gives you a free background if you meet her! I met her on Fjord today when I got home from school! Here is her player card and what the background she gives you looks like!


She has some very cool shoes! lol


Thanks for listening guys! I hope you have a great time at the party! 😀


Member Party Sneak Peek

13 01 2009


You guys ready for the member party?!

Well, I am! Infact, here is a sneak peek of the new member party!


It looks like a really fun party! Sorry for you non-members 😦


New Stage

8 01 2009

The new stage is here!

They also made some new adjustments!


It’s cool!